Friday, September 30, 2016

I wish it was socially acceptable to hibernate until Spring....


 Okay so I really didn't hibernate, but it was pretty close. Spring has been here a month already, albeit rather damp. Daylight savings started last weekend and I finally feel awake and willing to actually do something, like blog occasionally. I haven't been totally inactive, there were moments of energy bursts where some painting got done, there has been some crafting and of course lots of reading under snuggly blankets.
I have to admit to not a lot of that has been done over the last three weeks because we got this....
Not the tall hairy thing, we've had him a while, the small hairy thing being Ava.
We picked her up from the pound 3 weeks ago tomorrow (Saturday) she was about 12wks old. 
Which makes her 15 wks now. 

 She's going to be a great dog, she's a typical puppy, under your feet, chewing everything especially her very own toy AKA Max! She's a quick learner and already does quite a few commands, it helps that she's very food orientated ;-D She settled in the moment we brought her home, it took about 20 minutes to make herself comfy on the sofa!
Rather blurry picture, she moves very fast! Note the cheeky expression.
"I fink I'll stay here, ta very muchly"

She has her own space with a puppy crate and enclosed area in, what we call, the dog room. This has a dog door with access to the large dog run/outdoor space. We have yet to teach her to use the door, I think that is this weekends task. She's still having the odd accident but will take herself outside if the doors are open. Once we are sure she is totally house trained then she can come upstairs with us, at the moment though that is our sanctuary and (apart from carpet damage courtesy of the cats) un-chewed! We shan't mention what a mess the family room is downstairs...

Other things going on here have been, as already mentioned, some painting. We have made a start on redecorating/renovating downstairs. If you've been following my blog for a while you may remember that, so far, we have done our bedroom, my dressing room and the spare bedroom. The next stage is to get the hallway redecorated. My mission was to eradicate all of the purple on the doors, that has been achieved, yay, and eventually once we get into the family room, cover up a purple wall that makes me feel sick every time I look at it. I've also repainted the woodwork in the main bathroom, we still have to paint the ceiling white, it's all happening arse about face here haha.
I'll show you photos of that another time. 
For now though I will leave you with signs of Spring in the garden.

I'll be back soon, promise!
I will endeavour to get around to some of your blogs.
ETA: My blog list has disappeared! Where did that go? :-(
All the best, see you soon xx